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 DarkHell {GM Application}

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PostSubject: DarkHell {GM Application}   Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:42 pm

1;-Real Life Name? my name is chris

2: Age? iam 15 years old

3: Country? iam from kuwait and i live in kuwait

4: Have been GM Before? i have been gm befor

5: Did you play another PrivateServer Before? i did play private server befor

6:Tell us, when should we ban persons? ill ban person ''if he hack'' ''ks ppl after 3 warnnging'' and ''harresment ppl after 3 warnning'' or ''spamming semags'' or ''spamming chat'' or ''break the server rules''

7: Tell us your experiences ? iam active and friendly i help ppl alot i know some maps and all equipment id
i know how to ban and commands and how to warp and how to jail

8:How many hours are you online at the day? i play for 6-8 hours o.o

9:What is youre IGN(InGameName)? my ign is DarkHell

10: Did you hack before? (Be honest, we might take the answer either positive or negative)? i hack only in the allowed server i dont hack in the server who dun allow hack

11:What help can you offer the server? i can make players happy and help them if they need help ill call my friends to join this server and host events and i know many ideas but i wont say it now cuz ill help u for nothing if i didnt be gm tongue

12:Do you know how to code NPCs and other stuff? i know allmost all commands and how to warp and how to jail and how to banand how to change jop and how to change from male to female and from female to male i almost know everything but i dunno how to code npc maybe ill learn if you teach me

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DarkHell {GM Application}
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