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 marko GM application

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PostSubject: marko GM application   Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:57 pm

1- real name : mark
2- age : 16
3- country : well i live in kuwait
4- ya i have been a gm before only once but the server got shut down
5- i played alot of private servers and i played global ms too
6- as i know i should ban a person when he is hacking or spamming bad words and stuff and when he broke the important rules
7- i have alot of experiences i have a level 84 mage in global and i played alot i know most of the places and the monsters info i am friendly and active
8- i am not totaly sure but i play 4 to 6 hours in school days and 6 to 8 hours in holidays and stuff like that
9- my ms name is : marko
10- i hacked before but only in the servers that alow it and its really silly hacks like unlimited flash jump and floor jump
11- i have alot of ideas that will help this server like we put custom pqs and max stat items it will be really fun and cool
12 -i know some commands like !shop and !job and i can get the weapons codes from sites i can learn it will be fun .
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marko GM application
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