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PostSubject: GM APPLICATION   Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:02 pm

1-Real Life Name - Djani
2-Age - 16
3-Country - Sweden
4-Have been GM Before? - Yepp, in my friends server Smile
5-Did you play another PrivateServer Before? - Of course Very Happy
6-Tell us, when should we ban persons - When they hack,scamm,spamm alot and when they using much bad words
7-Tell us your experiences - I got an lv 92 priest in gms and alot of other chars like a ranger and stuff, i have been playing ms for like 3 years lols! Im friend and very active.. I know the most places here in ms.. I just know much about ms.. Very Happy
8-How many hours are you online at the day? - Well.. depends if i have weekend or not.. at school days im online maybe.. 4h ... weekends if im bored and don't go out with friends and stuff i play all the day lols Very Happy
9-What is youre IGN(InGameName)? - CrazyLife
10-Did you hack before? (Be honest, we might take the answer either positive or negative) - Well, i did once.. on a server that was able to do it on.. so i just tried it out!, but no.. I'm not gonna do it here =P
11-What help can you offer the server? - well, some more npcs.. some pqs.. and yea.. everything that makes every1 happy in the server Smile
12-Do you know how to code NPCs and other stuff? - yes i do , almost everything
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