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 Raynes { GM Application ]

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PostSubject: Raynes { GM Application ]   Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:17 pm

1. Real life Name : Rayne .
2. Age : 15 years old .
3.Country : Kuwait .
4.I have been gm 1 time but the server sadly shut down .
5.I played alot of servers really a lot examples :akai ms , sydney ms , care story .
6.When he is hacking and spamming alot of bad words and also when he is scamming .
7.Im not braging about my self but i have a lot of experience in maple because i played in akai and much servers every time i login an other server i learn something new and thats how i have a lot of experience now .
8.I play 4-6 hours evryday but when there r exams i play like 2-3 hours .
9.My name Ms Name is Rayne .
10.Il be honest with u i hacked but like unlimmited flash jump and mega tubi and floor jump because all the servers allow these kinda hacks .
11.If il be a gm il do events , help people , tell my friends in athor servers to login this server .
12.i now how to do some NPCs but not all of them and i will learn more .
{ Thx for looking in my gm application }
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PostSubject: Re: Raynes { GM Application ]   Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:05 pm

why 2 post?
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Raynes { GM Application ]
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