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 Zachs GM application.

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PostSubject: Zachs GM application.   Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:10 pm

Name: Zach
Age: 11 hehehehe
Country: US
Have you been a Gm before?: Yes, In a server called BrianMS which was sadly shutdown by nexon.
Have you played a private server before?: Yes 3.
When should you ban a person?: When they are hacking, racism, and harrassing gms or players.
What are your experiences?: I was a GM in a server called BrainMS like I said before. I've been playing maplestory for 9 years.
How many hours are you online a day?: I am on 7 hours a day.
My IGN is: Zach
Have you ever hacked before?: NO, never. I think hackings is cheating in the game for those who cant acheive there goals.
What help can you offer the server?: I can host a events, be on when other gms are off, and Help other players get around. I have a feeling i could help the server get more players.
Can you code NPC's: Sadly no. But i can create npcs. And I know the codes to the items,maps, and i know the commands. I know i dont know how to, but im a really quick learner.

Thanks for reading my GM application!! I hope you let me become a GM!!
Edit: Just because of my age, shouldnt mean i cant become a GM. I am helpful, Friendly, and always in a good mood, unless someone really upsets me. I hope my age does not affect my application.Sad.
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Zachs GM application.
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