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 [Alex] Gamemaster Application [From iTouchMs]

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PostSubject: [Alex] Gamemaster Application [From iTouchMs]   Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:01 pm

Hello, I Am Alex And I Will Be Applying, Thank You

Real Life Name:
My Real Life Name Is Aleksandar Kostic (Call Me Alex)

I Am Currently 11 Years Old, But Very Mature. 05/17/1997

I Live In Canada, Ontario

Have been GM Before:
Yes I Have Been A Gm In iTouchMs For About 2-4 Months

Did you play another Private Server Before:
Yes I Have, iTouchMs ; HitsuMs ; And More.

Tell us, when should we ban people:
You Should Only Ban People If They Hack, No Other Reason Is Necessary. Spamming Is Different I Give Them 3 Warnings When Their Warnings Are Out, It's Jail ~!

Tell us your experiences:
I Have Only Been A Gm In iTouchMs For 2-4 Months And I Know All Commands, Some Codes. I Am Very Trustworthy, Honest, Loyal, I Show espect And Responsibility.

How many hours are you online at the day:
I Would Say About 4-11 At Max.

What is youre IGN(InGameName):
My IGN Is Alex

Did you hack before:
No, I Have Never Hacked In My Whole Life And Thats The Truth.

What help can you offer the server:
I Can Offer More People, Friendship, Kindness And More.

Do you know how to code NPCs and other stuff:
No I Don't Know How To Code Anything I Think


Thank You For Reading My Application I Hope You Consider Me! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Alex] Gamemaster Application [From iTouchMs]   Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:54 pm

iTouchMs Blows. Neutral
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[Alex] Gamemaster Application [From iTouchMs]
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