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 iLukSmexy(Snail)'s GM application

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PostSubject: iLukSmexy(Snail)'s GM application   Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:09 pm

1-Real Life Name


United States

4-Have been GM Before?
I have in iTouchMs,Maplesyrup,Msstrike,Housems,EvergreenMs,LmfaoStory, and SineMs.

5-Did you play another PrivateServer Before?
LOL. This is a pretty easy question to answer. I played in about 100+ servers. I hacked in about 75% of all of those servers lol! . Mostly V.55 , so I won't hack in this server

6-Tell us, when should we ban persons
Well, you should ban them when they hack, cuss at a GM, cheat in a event or something(Like hide and seek event, they already have the item), or maybe doing equip hack or item dupe O.o.

7-Tell us your experiences
What you mean experiences?As a GM? As a what?!

8-How many hours are you online at the day?
I play about 5-9 hours. On the weekends, I play either 8 or 9 - 11.

9-What is youre IGN(InGameName)?
It will probally be Snail or iLukSmexy, but I haven't gotten V.62 yet lol! . I might not get in a few weeks so wait.

10-Did you hack before? (Be honest, we might take the answer either positive or negative)
I hacked in GMS before. I only pincracked and did no delay. Those were the only hacks I did. I did pincracking in V.57. And no delay in V.65 .

11-What help can you offer the server?
I'm not sure what I can offer the server. A better community? IDK. I mostly can just play the server O.o

12-Do you know how to code NPCs and other stuff?One word, NO. I suck at coding Smile.

I joined this server to see if the people in iTouchMS are playing it. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: iLukSmexy(Snail)'s GM application   Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:39 am

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iLukSmexy(Snail)'s GM application
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