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 Sushi's Gm =D

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PostSubject: Sushi's Gm =D   Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:34 pm

1.Well my name is Joann ;]
2.I'm only 15 turning 16 soon yay
3.Well im nice useless someone gets me mad
4.I'm friendly?
5.I go on every day at least for 1 hour or more
6.I like helping others but i just wish sometime when im a noob someone would help me -,- but they meanies.
7.Well that is all i could think of...if u pick me umm look for ;] Sushi
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PostSubject: Re: Sushi's Gm =D   Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:04 pm

Not approved. Read the guide then resubmit.
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Sushi's Gm =D
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