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 xl3usted GM app

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PostSubject: xl3usted GM app   Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:54 pm

Real name nick

Age 15

online like 4-12hrs a day


why: i wanna help new people to stay at the server and help them with anything ^^

Gm before: no but i play maple since beta so i know almost evrything

Other private server: yes a lot

Hacked: never hacked and never will

know how to code: i dont really know but i wanna learn it =]

when to ban: i will ban if they hack when im 100% sure i will jail them if they scam ksing some one for a long time and abusing the rules
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PostSubject: Re: xl3usted GM app   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:54 am

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xl3usted GM app
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