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 What Not To Do

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PostSubject: What Not To Do   Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:49 pm

Not much to say here, just a couple quick rules.

-Absolutely NO hacking. If you are caught hacking, you WILL be banned. End of story.

-Swearing is okay, it's a private server, it's supposed to be fun, just take the following rule into consideration.

-Do NOT harass other players. It's fine to joke around and kinda mess around with them. But if we (the GM's) believe that you have some malicious intent, you will be given a warning, followed by being banned if you do not stop RIGHT when we tell you to. We will be more lenient with this rule than with the hacking rule, but if we do not believe that you will stop, you WILL be banned. End of story.

-Do NOT follow GM's around asking for godly items. They are allowed to give them to you, but why would they want to if you beg? Be yourself, and if they want to help you out, they will.

-This isn't a complete rule, but it's kind of like the last one... a little bit. Don't suck up to GM's. It's good to know that they can ban you if they want and that they have total control, but again, just be yourself. It's a lot more interesting for everybody Smile

That's all I can think of. Any farther contribution would be greatly appreciated.
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What Not To Do
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