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 Banned For no reason

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PostSubject: Banned For no reason   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:39 pm

well para banned me for calling him a abusesive GM.
P.S i posted this here because it gets the most views.
anyway. he lvled me all the way to 120. i didnt even have the correct AP i need to get my 1st job. i told him to spam lvl me the same level over and over so i can get some AP. he says you want to see me be abusive ill just bann you.
so he did
IP Banned :p
also my name is "????" The GM account, stephiie and mikes son. but i
was play on xKFCx at the time
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PostSubject: Re: Banned For no reason   Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:44 pm

well dude, think about it. yes, i kinda freaked. but just think about what happened. you said to level you to 200. thats not happening unless youre a gm, which youre not. so i leveled to 120. then you started bitching at me that you didnt have the right ap. so i set you back to level 1 and left it. right back exactly where you were. then somebody else asked me to summon jr rogs and i did. then you start calling me abusive. im abusive because i wont use my powers to make you instantly lvl 120? just think about that. its not no reason, its a great reason. i wont stand idly by while somebody calls me abusive because i wont use my gm powers to level them up. think about it. its annoying as hell. i wanted you off my back and i was being bombarded my everybody else. its pretty easy to understand why i would be pissed off isnt it? i will see to it that you are unbanned soon as i didnt mean to permanently ban you, temp ban just doesnt work. also, i wasnt going to ban you at all. but you pretty much told me to. its essentially your own fault. please take the time to think about something before you say it or, as you found out the hard way, shit happens.
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Banned For no reason
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