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PostSubject: Throw2Kill GM app! [DISAPPROVED EXAMPLE]   Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:59 pm

My Name Is Drew. My IGN is Throw2Kill.
I was born in 1992-07-11.
Well Ill Start With My Experience.
I'am very experience When it comes to being a GM. I know lots of commands.
Well Here Are Some Things That I Think You Should Know About Me.

1. I dont really Ban People Unless I'am Sure 100% there hacking. Meaning if
someone is herrassing, scamming, ETC. i would Jail into i get permisson From The Owner Of The Server.

2. I Advertise. Iam working on Sony Vegas 0.7 Which dray86 use to make
MK and the rest of his videos. well I Like Making Video's even if it takes me a few months.

3. Iam VERY! active. =D. Iam not AFC unless iam at KFC.

4. I love holding Events. Good ones to. Some events like Guild War Event. And other Stuff that will get people to join.

5. Iam very Trustful. Ask People Around. If Anything, Iam trustful.

And The mostly reason i want to be a GM is because I love Maplestory.
I spent my last 2 yrs on maplestory and i triped over pirate server.
Iam i figured hey, Maybe i can own a server or help a server to become
a great game to have fun, easy leveling, and meeting other people who understands that You cant stand spending the next 3 year trying to level
to 200.

Thank You~
Stephiie Son
Throw2Kill. / Drew.
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PostSubject: Re: Throw2Kill GM app! [DISAPPROVED EXAMPLE]   Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:50 am

A good application, but did not follow the exact guideline. Copy and paste the guideline posted by xCaliber and use that one next time. I'm sorry to say but this is DISAPPROVED.
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