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 my GM app =)

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PostSubject: my GM app =)   Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:47 pm

1-Real Life Name
2-Age 17

3-Country USA

4-Have been GM Before? yes

5-Did you play another PrivateServer Before? yes

6-Tell us, when should we ban persons, if they hack BAN, if they spam, warningx3 then BAN, if they call gm names 1 warning then ban

7-Tell us your experiences, i have played in about 10-13 servers sofar and all have been killed due to hackers and they have never been reistablished, out of those servers i have been a GM in 3 of them.

8-How many hours are you online at the day? in a normal day maby 3-6 hours max

9-What is youre IGN(InGameName)? KillerSin, or iAmSin

10-Did you hack before? (Be honest, we might take the answer either positive or negative) yes i have hacked on GMS and a cupple of hackable servers

11-What help can you offer the server? better quality gaming, better experence, happyer players, no more hackers/ hopfuly

12-Do you know how to code NPCs and other stuff? im not to good at it but i have mannaged to code some things befor
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my GM app =)
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